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Trench Shield

ESC has fully developed its Trench Shields Series (also known as Trench Boxes) used as a two-sided excavation support system. It is a used as a temporary earth retaining structure which allows safe access to an excavation that has been cut vertically. Stability is ensured within the trench whilst providing a minimal excavation footprint for works to be carried out. This helps prevent any damage to nearby utilities and structures.

Steel Trench Shields

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Design Verification

A trench shield system is generally used to ensure the safety of those who are performing digging and excavation works by providing protection in cases of trench wall failure. In addition to ensuring worker’s safety, trench shields (also known as trench boxes) also help increase productivity for the project.

ESC steel trench shields are used to protect workers from possible trench collapse. Trenching is a necessary part of construction work. When digging for building foundations, laying pipes or telephone lines, installing valves, or a number of underground works, the work is done primarily in trenches and preferable in between the safety of trench boxes.

ESC trench shield consists of two robust modular panels. These panels line the walls of the trench and are held in place by spacers such as struts or spreaders. ESC spreaders are available with adjustable or fixed pipes that are arranged perpendicular to the panels that hold the trench walls in place. The panels and spacers are secured in place over collars on the panels and bolted together.​

ESC’s prefabricated trench shields are available in standard sizes or custom-built for specific jobs. ESC Trench Shoring Inc. ESC offers steel trench shields and trench box for sale. The design and materials used to manufacture a trench box can vary and generally depend on a variety of factors, including the depth (depth rating) and soil conditions.

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Trench Boxes

TB with dimension ver.png

Standard Trench Box

MB not red.png

Manhole Trench Box

TBV 40-10-24.png

Adjustable Trench Box


  • Design and manufactured in accordance with  EN 13331—1 and EN 13331- 2.

  • 3rd party product certificates available for all products.

  • Heavy duty robust design.

  • Flat pack delivery .

  • Fixed or adjustable struts available in any required length .

Safety Guide

  • Custom box sizes are available.

  • Soil pressure  must be assessed by qualified professional engineer.

  • Assembly as per ESC procedures

  • Recommended maximum depth 5.6m.


Product Images

Design Verification

trench shoring.png

ESC completed third party verified structural calculations and professionally completed Finite Element Analysis of the proprietary ESC Trench Box design system, with special attention on the spreader connections to the panels. A wide range of loading conditions was simulated to verify the robustness of the system.

The international standards applied in the structural design included: EN 1990: Eurocode 0, EN 1991: Euro-code 1, EN 1992: Euro-code 2 and EN 1997: Euro-code 7.

A full scale component test with a third party independent witness was also completed to verify the design calculations with a focus on on the most critically loaded areas and potential weak points. A specially designed test rig was constructed to simulate the soil loads with a series of strain gauges situated throughout the trench panel structure to measure deflection of the structure under various loading combinations.

Product Images

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Project Case Studies

Project Case Studies

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